Be Bold. Be Strong


Special people in our lives sometimes leave us

because of broken relationships or through death.

During times like these we ask God to help us be

strong and brave and to get through this difficult time.

We ask God to make us more supportive to those

suffering great pain through loss of a loved one.

There are times when we have to accept the pain

of losing a loved one and learn to live on in a

changed world.



Eternal God, we praise you for the immensity of your love poured into creation. We praise you for your joyful power of love which is ours in your rushing Spirit – the source of our being, light that enlightens us, and life of everything that lives. Let our lips, now be enkindled with praise; our minds enlightened, and our hearts set on fire with love, as you shine on us with your Spirit’s grace, and point us toward the future.



All powerful Love,

your lovely Son has come again

and is the first fruit

of the harvest of the dead.

Blessed are those who mourn;

they are comforted!

Blessed are the merciful;

they obtain mercy!

Blessed are the pure in heart;

they see God!